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The SMS Broadcast API allows you to integrate SMS messaging into your systems. Our API is a simple, yet powerful way to connect to our SMS gateway. There is no extra cost to use this service.

SMS Broadcast have two separate SMS gateways for adding SMS capability to software: a full feature HTTP API and an easy to use email API.


The HTTP API lets you send and receive messages, check credit balances, and receive updates to the the status of sent messages. It is ideal for sending bulk SMS messages and single messages.

You need the facility to make a HTTP or HTTPS connection to our URL. Our documentation contains all the required information and examples.

It doesn’t matter which programming language you use, as long as it can make a HTTP connection. We have example code for PHP and .NET, and the documentation provides language agnostic examples if you want to implement into another language like Ruby or Java.


Many software packages with SMS capabilities can use the email-to-sms gateway to send messages.

Before working with the email API you need to setup an account and register your sending email address in your account settings.

Then it is as simple as emailing <mobilenumber> The first 160 characters of your message will then be sent in the SMS message

Our technical support staff can provide additional assistance implementing the email-to-sms service and configuring your software with the email API.


Send outgoing SMS[PHP][C#]
Receive inbound SMS[PHP]
Receive message status[PHP]
Fetch credit balance[PHP]

Australian network connections

SMS Broadcast delivers to all Australian mobiles through direct on-shore connections with Telstra, Optus & Vodafone without the use of low-grade international routes