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Why use our SMS API key

  • Access to APIs and documentation is included in your account at no extra cost

  • It doesn’t matter what programming language you use, as long as it can connect to HTTP

  • Adding SMS to your software adds a level of personalisation and control

How a text messaging API works

When you sign up, you’ll get access to our API key for free. This allows you to
add SMS capabilities into your own tools, email, or website.

  • Your software

  • Our gateway

  • Mobile phone

Code in the language you like best

Our examples below are in PHP. Get our documentation, which provides language
agnostic examples so you can implement into C#, Ruby, Java and so on.

Ways to use our SMS gateway

Access to both of our APIs and full documentation is included for free. Plus, we have a support team available to give you a helping hand.


Build your own SMS integration by connecting your application to SMS Broadcast using the HTTP protocol.

This full-featured API allows you to send and receive text messages, check credit balance, and get SMS delivery status. This API is ideal for sending bulk SMS as well as single messages.

All you’ll need is the ability to make an HTTPS or HTTP connection with our URL. Our API documentation contains all the required information, and our PHP SDK includes examples in PHP.

Email to SMS API

Use our lightweight API to send text messages over email easily. Many software packages with SMS capabilities can use the email-to-SMS gateway.

It’ll be as simple as using your contact’s phone number as the email address: [mobilenumber] — The first 160 characters will then get sent to your recipient as a text message.

You’ll just need to sign up to SMS Broadcast and add your email address to your account settings. The API key itself is free of charge.

Website add-on

Add SMS functionality to a website for a bit of personalisation and interactivity. There are a few different reasons to use an SMS service:

  •   Notifications: get an SMS when users complete an action, like filling in a form
  •   User verification: use SMS to confirm users are human and not spam
  •   2-factor authentication: send verification codes by SMS for security

Frequently asked questions

Access to both APIs is included free when you set up your self-serve account. Plus, you’ll get full documentation to get you started with sending SMS to customers and staff.

Yes! You’ll have the option to reach out to our support staff if you need help implementing SMS into your software.

A great SMS platform, easy to use, and customer support is fantastic.


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